Feudi di Guagnano

Feudi di Guagnano was founded by five young entrepreneurs who share a simple but ambitious plan: to save the Negroamaro vineyards from complete abandonment by elderly farmers no longer able to cultivate the vines. Feudi di Guagnano is not only a business project but it also represents an act of love of those people towards their own history and land where vine grapes have been grown since the Greek colonisation (3000 b.c.). Feudi di Guagnano spreads over 30 hectares of small vineyards, many smaller than one hectare, located in different “Feudi” (district). The area of Salento, “the heel of Italy”, is one of the most interesting areas in the South of Italy, both for tourism and for wine production. The Salento is a land between two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic: 120 miles of wonderful coast.

Guagnano (Lecce), Italy

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Red wines

Le Camarde Negroamaro and Primitivo
Negroamaro Terramare
Salice Salentino DOC DieciAnni
Salice Salentino DOC Riserva Cupone