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Fiano Avoglia


The aromatic white variety Minutolo was originally and erroneously called Fiano Minutolo. This grape has been grown in Puglia since 1200 where it was long thought to be a sub-variety of the well-known Campania native grape Fiano (which is a non-aromatic variety).

Like other native low-producing varieties, Minutolo was near to extinction, when in 2000, a rigorous selection programme was launched in the vineyards of the Valle d'Itria in the province of Bari, where the variety was, and still is, widespread. Forgotten vines of Minutolo were found and studied and the result of scientific studies demonstrated that the named Fiano Minutolo had, in fact, nothing to do with the Fiano grape; rather, it was related to Moscato Bianco and to Moscato di Alessandria.

In order to avoid confusion with the Fiano grape, it was decided to use the official name "Minutolo" for this variety. Today, however, "Fiano Minutolo" is still largely used in the commercial labelling of the wines made from this grape. Pure monovarietal wines made with Minutolo have been available only in the last 10-15 years. Following the success of these wines, vineyards are, today, also planted in the Province of Brindisi and Taranto.

Minutolo grapes give dry, aromatic wines reminiscent of those made of Moscato Bianco. They are fresh and light bodied with aromas and flavours of white flowers and yellow fruit.

An aromatic wine with intense bouquet of orange blossom and lime and white and yellow fruit. The palate is light bodied and delicate with a zesty acidity on the finish.

It is excellent as an aperitif but it also matches with shellfish, spicy fish dishes and simple pasta.

Vintage: 2021
Grape: Fiano Minutolo
Region: Puglia
Alcohol (ABV): 12.5%