Amarone della Valpolicella

Full bodied rich red

Amarone della Valpollicella is the most prestigious and famous wine from the Valpolicella area in the Veneto region which was granted DOCG appellation status in 2009. Today this wine represents 25% of the total production of Valpolicella wines. It is made using grapes that have been left to dry in a process called “appasimento”. The grapes are traditionally dried in airy lofts for 100-120 days over the winter. This typically results in an increase of sugar content and the development of noble rot (aka "botrytis cinerea"). The outcome is a rich and full-bodied dry red wine.

Amarone della Valpolicella Flavs has been developed in a modern and approachable style. Corvina and Corvinone represent the main grapes in the blend with just a small addition of Rondinella and Croatina. Corvina is without doubt the most important grape in the Valpolicella and Amarone blend. It is a grape that takes extremely well to air drying. It is responsible for the lovely aromas of violet, blackberry and red cherry, with a delicate touch of sweet spices, herbs and balsamic notes. It is also characterised by very fine tannins. The ideal partner of Corvina is the Corvinone; the two grapes are not genetically related, however they are very often planted together in the vineyards. They do complement each other: Corvinone supplies Corvina with the tannins it is missing.

The grapes are picked from a south- and south east-facing single vineyard in the Illasi valley with good exposure that ensures excellent ripening. The vines are trained with the Guyot system on stony soils at 250 m a.s.l.

The 2015 vintage was a great vintage, one of the best in recent years. The spring was very good as well as the summer with little rain during June and July. The vintage was characterised by fairly high temperatures (but not too high) and healthy grapes that were perfectly intact at harvest time.

Area of Production: Progno di Cellore in the Illasi Valley
Plants density: 3000-8000 plants/hectare
Yield per hectare: 5000/7000 kg of grapes per hectare
Yield per plant: 0.6-1.2 kg of grapes
Altitude of the vineyard : 270 m. A.s.l.
Exposure: south-south east
Training System: Guyot
Soil: stony

Once picked from a single vineyard in Illasy Valley between September and October, the grapes were left to dry in specially ventilated rooms. After drying, the grapes were fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at between 18-22°C with maceration for 10-15 days. Once fermentation was complete, the wine matured in French oak barriques for 24 months before bottling.

The bouquet is intense with notes of ripe dark fruit, chocolate and mocha. A rich and full palate with an easy-to-enjoy opulence. Smooth and long with silky, polished tannins.

Vintage: 2015
Grape: Corvina and Corvinone 85%, Rondinella 10%, Croatina 5%
Region: Veneto
Alcohol (ABV): 15.5%
Sugar (g/l): 16