Flavio Pra’ is a young winemaker who has worked as a consultant for important Italian wineries. Flavio’s approach to winemaking is to seek the essence of the grape variety and understand how its character can be truly expressed. For Flavio is of paramount importance to plant each grape variety in the right soil where it can unveil its full potential.

Flavio’s vineyards are located east of the town of Verona in the area known as the “Valpolicella Est” zone. The eastern part of the Valpolicella is considered a newer region for producing the Valpolicella DOC reds which are highly, although wrongly, underrated. Great examples of Valpolicella reds are indeed produced in this area. The best vineyards have been noted in the mid-point up the valley around the villages of Illasi, Cazzano di Tramigna, Mezzane, and Tregnago. Flavio’s vineyards are planted from 170 to 500 m a.s.l in the “Val d’Illasi” (Illasi valley). The Val d’Illasi is one of the many long and narrow valleys that run in a north-south direction in the Valpolicella Est zone. In the highest vineyard at 500 m around the village of Tregnago on stony and marl soils he handpicks Corvina and Corvinone grapes for his top Amarone. 

Via Monte Riondo, 2, Monteforte d'Alpone 37032 Verona

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