Torri Cantine

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 420


Montepulciano is a grape exclusive to Italy which gives a deep coloured, soft, juicy, and approachable wine, even when drunk young. When it is made with attention on quality rather than quantity the Montepulciano grape turns into a delicious, velvety red wine. Montepulciano grows everywhere in Central Italy and to a lesser extent in Southern Italy. Many believe that Montepulciano originated in Abruzzo while others reckon that this grape arrived in Abruzzo from Tuscany with the Medici family. Beyond its origin, Montepulciano is strictly associated with the Abruzzo region; Montepulciano d’Abruzzo was indeed the first Italian DOC appellation that includes the entire region.

Montepulciano is a workhorse and very generous grape with many positives and great potential, and this explain why it is one of Italy’s five most planted grape varieties. Unfortunately, it has been planted everywhere in Abruzzo, also where the climate does not suit the grape. Montepulciano is a difficult variety to grow, especially since its berries experience asynchronous maturation in the same bunch. It is also not very disease resistant. Being a late-ripening variety Montepulciano needs a long growing season to ripen slowly and fully otherwise the pips do not ripe properly and the wine will be too “green” or bitter. Too often in Abruzzo, Montepulciano is grown using the “tendone” pruning system which translates in English as “big tent”. This a high-yielding system which, if not effectively managed, does not let the grapes to ripen properly and fully.

The best Montepulciano come from the hills around the town of Teramo in Northern Abruzzo where the grape finds outstanding growing conditions to ripe. Montepulciano 4 20 from Torri Cantine is one of them. The grapes are picked on stony-loam soil at 300 meters above sea level from a 30-year-old vineyard with optimal exposure and low yields in Controguerra, a village north of Teramo on the border with the Marche region. An ideal microclimate and an optimal diurnal temperature variation, together with organic techniques of cultivation, enhances the typical flavours of Montepulciano grapes.

Altitude: 290 m.a.s.l.

Vine exposure: South/south-est

Soil: Stony-loam

Age of vines: 30 years

Implant density (vines/ha): 1.000

Production for vine (Kg/plant): 8-10

Production for hectare (q/ha): 100-120

Vine cultivation system: Row

Vine pruning: Cordon spur pruning

Type of agricolture: Organic

Manual selection of the grapes harvested towards the end of October in a 30 year old vineyard in Controguerra with optimal exposure and low yield. 

The wine is made exclusively in stainless steel tanks thermo-conditioned and after the malolactic fermentation it ages in bottle for at least 6 months.

Fruit driven with abundant juicy plum & ripe cherry aromas mingled with spicy sweet notes. There is a softness to the texture and freshness that make it friendly and approachable.

A perfect match with Bolognese pasta or other pasta with a hearty ragù sauce. It goes also well with meat courses, cured meat, seasoned cheese like parmesan, legumes soups.

Vintage: 2019
Grape: Montepulciano
Region: Abruzzo
Alcohol (ABV): 13.5%