Nero d'Avola IRUKA


Nero d'Avola is one of the most widely planted red grape in Sicily. As the name suggests, it may have originated in Avola, the little town near Ragusa in the south-east of the island. This grape loves the heat and the dry climate of the Mediterranean island; in such a hot climate is still able to show great acidity being rich in malic acid. It would not grow in any other areas as well as it does in Sicily; it blossoms early and ripens late, meaning that the grape performs well where the frost risk at both ends of the growing season is low.

When the wine industry in Sicily was dominated by the cooperatives and mass production culture, the Nero d'Avola grape was mainly grown to become bulk wine and shipped to Northern Italy to blend with local reds lacking in body and colour. After the wine revolution that started in the 1980s in Sicily, this grape has gained importance becoming a precious source of great wines. Aromas of black cherry and plum fruit backed by smooth tannins and some spices are now highly appreciated in international markets. Nero d’Avola wines are the Sicily’s answer to Malbec.

Nero d’Avola has an extraordinary ability to tolerate highly saline soil which are common in southwestern Sicily where Ottoventi is located. In this area, Nero d’Avola wines offer greater intensity of aromas and flavors due to the medium high to high soil salt content compared with those grown is lower salt content soils. Ottoventi makes its Nero d’Avola according to a fruit-forward, juicy, slightly oaky style which compares to a more lean and austere style with little or no wood aging. Iruka is an organic example of Nero d’Avola made from overipe and partially dried grapes. It is rich, full-bodied, sweet-spice-packed and mouth filling.

Vineyard Location and Altitude: Agro Ericino (Trapani) – 150 mt. a.s.l.

Mixed soil

Number of vines/ha: 5,000

Vineyard Training System: Espalier with Guyot pruning system

Average age of vines: 14 years

Fermentation Temperature: Temperature controlled at 25° C

Malolactic fermentation: Yes

Barriques aging: 8 months in medium-toasted French Oak barriques

Opulent nose of ripe red fruit, blackberry and blackcurrant. The taste is full bodied and rich of fruits with hints of vanilla blended with tobacco and chocolate. 


It is recommended with braised red meat, game, and mature cheeses. It particularly suits fatty and tasty dishes with fruity sweet sauces.

Vintage: 2018
Grape: 100% Nero d’Avola
Region: Sicilia
Winemaker: Tonino Guzzo
Alcohol (ABV): 14.5%
Acidity: 5.4
Sugar (g/l): 15
PH: 3.65