Grillo .8


Grillo is one of Sicily’s native grapes and its existence on the Mediterranean island is only relatively recent. It is a cross between Catarratto and Muscat d’Alexandria (Zibibbo) and this gives the wine both fresh minerality (from the Cataratto) and an aromatic character (from the Zibibbo). In 1930s in Sicily Grillo covered around 60% of the land under vine around the town of Marsala and Trapani in Western Sicily (where is still most common today). Grillo was the main grape for making Marsala wine until it was gradually replaced by more productive grapes like Inzolia or Cataratto. Over the last twenty years Grillo has made a comeback in Sicily and it is now largely grown to make high quality dry whites.

This grape is very well suited to the hot climate in the area around Trapani and Marsala in Western Sicily. Unlike other white grape varieties, Grillo thrives in the heat and does not become cooked and jammy. It has a charming lively palate and it is easy to drink, with a mineral/saline note. The typical aromas range from citrus blossom, peach and apple to tropical fruit like passion fruit, grapefruit, all complemented with grassy/herbal notes reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. Grillo grape skins and pulp contain high levels of potassium which may explain the subliminal perception of salt on the palate.

This organic example from Ottoventi shows a beautiful balance between fruit and delicate acidity.

Vineyard Location and Altitude: Agro Ericino (Trapani) – 150 mt. a.s.l.

Number of vines/ha: 5,000

Vineyard Training System: Espalier

Average age of vines: 18 years

The grapes were hand picked at the beginning of September and gently pressed. The fermentation tookplace at 16-18°C without malolactic fermentation. The wine was then aged in stainless steel for three months and then rest in the bottle.

Mango, ananas and a touch of apricot on the nose followed by light notes of white flowers and apples. It is dry, fresh and mineral on the palate with a pleasant good acidity and a rich citrusy afterstate. 

Raw and cooked fish appetizers; Fish pasta dishes; fish or white meat main dishes; Cheese.

Vintage: 2020
Grape: 100% Grillo
Region: Sicilia
Winemaker: Tonino Guzzo
Alcohol (ABV): 13%
Acidity: 5.8
Sugar (g/l): 2.95
PH: 3.25