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La Mia Italia: A history of passion

At La Mia Italia we import, for wholesale and retail, some of Italy's finest wines and food, often exclusively within the UK. Italy is a unique country with vines planted from the North to the South. Every little village of this wonderful land has its own ancient traditions and recipes and we intend to honour these traditions and become synonimous with authenticity and quality, building a portfolio of premium Italian products from family-run producers.

Italy is a producer of wonderful wines but not many of them are available at a reasonable price in England. We therefore decided to offer our little contribution to fill the gap in the market, discovering and bringing to England only wines that offer the best value for money.

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We believe that there is a great difference between merely selling Italian food and wines and promoting the Italian wine culture in England. The former is all about volumes and prices while the latter is about passion, knowledge and professionalism. We want, therefore, to give a big thank you to all those who have believed in our mission and enjoyed our products.

We love our products and the people who make them.


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