Medium bodied red

More than 40% of Friuli’s wine production is red, somewhat surprising as their whites have traditionally received the lions’ share of attention.
Merlot has long been grown in Italy, since at least the 1800’s, and is planted in 14 of Italy’s 20 regions. Merlot is the most planted black variety in Friuli, producing wines with medium acidity and tannins, ripe red fruit flavours, often with a hint of spice from oak. The best and richest wines are produced in Friuli, in the foothills of the Alps, where the climate is moderate and continental, cooled by cold air from the mountains.

Generally speaking, the best merlots of Friuli are made in small quantities, often by smaller producers, where care is taken to produce dense and concentrated reds, rather than the more mass produced simple fruity and leafy green tasting wines.

Ruby red rich colour, delicious big red and black fruits on the nose, full bodied with blackberries, raspberries, black plums, dry and savoury finish, great length.

Vintage: 2021
Grape: Merlot
Region: Friuli
Alcohol (ABV): 13%