Pinot Grigio

Medium bodied white

Friuli’s Pinot Grigio’s are the best in Italy, fuller, rounder, nuttier and more expressive than the general bone dry wines from this grape. The variety is said to have been introduced to Italy via Piemonte in the early 19th century but became a speciality of the north east. The best and richest Pinot Grigio are produced in Friuli, in the foothills of the Alps, where the climate is moderate and continental, cooled by cold air from the mountains.

Friuli’s Pinot Grigio’s stand out from the crowd of the mass produced Pinot Grigio's which tend to be rather neutral as the high yields tend to dilute the true pinot grigio character.


Golden yellow colour with coppery highlights, intense floral and citrus aromas. Rich but fresh on the palate, apple and almond on the finish, great length, well balanced.

Vintage: 2021
Grape: Pinot Grigio
Region: Friuli
Alcohol (ABV): 13%