Cascina Ballarin

Langhe Rosso Ultimi Grappoli 2000


Langhe is a territorial Denomination which includes 54 communes of the Langhe and the Roero geographical areas. This denomination allows the winemaker to make single variety wines or blends with indigenous grapes as well as international varieties (i.e. Chardonnay or Cabernet). From the same vineyards of Nebbiolo, for instance, a winemaker can source grapes for both his Barolo and his Langhe wine. Compared to the other stricter Denomination of the Langhe region (i.e. Barolo or Barbaresco), the Langhe Denomination gives a certain degree of freedom to the winemaker in terms of type of grapes that can be used, vineyards location and wine making techniques. This is therefore a Denomination that has greatly stimulated the imagination of the Langhe winemakers including Giorgio’s and Giovanni’s Viberti at Cascina Ballarin.

It all started with an experiment at Cascina Ballarin. Over twenty years ago, Giorgio and Giovanni decided to let the grapes of a few row of vines of their Nebbiolo and Barbera over-mature for extra few days reaching an high degree of sugar and concentration of the juice. “Ultimi Grappoli” in English translates as lust clusters; they are indeed the last grapes harvested in the season. After several vintages, this wine is now one of the most appreciated of the estate, with a remarkable fruity and rich palate. 

2000 is no doubt a great vintage in the Langhe region. The amount of red wine made in 2000 was almost 20% less than 1999 however quality was very good. Low yields for Barbera and Nebbiolo resulted in very concentrated musts with higher sugar level than normal and very good colour and extract, and also excellent acidity. A hot late summer from mid-August to mid-September led to quite ripe and opulent reds with exciting fruit, moderate acidity and some jamminess. Reds made in the Langhe in 2000 are definitely made for long lasting. 

Vineyard of origin: La Morra

Plants per hectare: 5000

Altitude: 250 metres a.s.l.

Exposure: south-west

Vine training technique: guyot

Age of vines: 10-40 years

Yield per hectare: 50 quintals of grapes/ha

Soil: limestone – blue marlstone

Harvest: November

Vinification: traditional in temperature controlled tanks

Ageing: 18 months in barriques

Further ageing: 48 months in the bottle

The bunches are left on the vine to overripe - “Ultimi Grappoli” in Italian means last clusters - giving a thick and powerful body.

Deep red colour, rich bouquet of plum and wild berries, ripe and pulpy cherry. Remarkably fruity palate with delicate tannins, full-bodied with a lovely finish.

Excellent with big dishes: red meat, mature and medium-mature cheeses. 

Vintage: 2000
Grape: 50% Nebbiolo - 50% Barbera
Region: Piemonte
Winemaker: Giorgio and Gianni Viberti
Alcohol (ABV): 14%