San Martino


Until 2020 producers weren't allowed to label “rosé” any Prosecco made in pink. The labelling laws finally changed, and La Mia Italia is thrilled to be stocking a fine example of rosé Prosecco. 

The main grape are Glera with a brush of Pinot Noir (the only red grape variety allowed) that lends a soft pink hue and some vibrant berry notes.  According to Italian law, the wine used in this Prosecco comes from one single harvest hence the Prosecco Radise is a vintage Prosecco (“millesimato”).

The bubbles are fine fresh and zesty, with notes of redcurrants and raspberries, and a lovely floral quality. There’s an abundance of citrus and fresh strawberries notes.

This is a lovely fizz perfect for pairing with canapés before the main event. It’s extremely versatile though, working well with chunks of parmesan, cured meat and sushi. Why not also try with strawberry-based desserts?

Vintage: 2020
Grape: Glera, Pinot Nero
Region: Veneto
Alcohol (ABV): 11%
Sugar (g/l): 9