San Martino

Prosecco Extra Dry Radise

While Prosecco might have a reputation of cheap and easy-drinking bubbles compared to Champagne, the upper ranks of this sparkling wine offer a complex and enjoyable experience. DOCG is Prosecco's 'Grand Cru'. This Prosecco combines fine bubbles, a great body, acidity and elegance.

This higher-end Prosecco is made in extra dry style with a residual sugar content of 15-17 g/l (the residual sugar range of an "extra dry" Prosecco is between 12-17 g/l). 

This Prosecco offers enticing aromas of crunchy green apple, ripe pear, nectarine, almond, white blossoms, and mineral notes. On the palate is crisp and bright with medium body and a creamy foam texture. It is nicely balanced with a long, satisfying finish.

Extra-dry Prosecco is versatile and pairs well with a wide range of cuisines and dishes. This Prosecco is a super food-friendly sparkling wine that goes great with fruit-driven appetizers (like prosciutto-wrapped melon), and cured meats. It is also ideal with seafood soups, pasta dishes with delicate meat sauces, creamy cheeses and white meats, especially poultry. Thanks to its sweet aromatic bubbles, this Prosecco matches well with Asian food. Try it with Pad Thai for a great pairing!

Vintage: NV
Grape: Glera
Alcohol (ABV): 11%
Sugar (g/l): 17