Nesci is a young micro estate located in Southern Calabria on the edge of the Italian toe. The Nesci family has ancient origins. Native of Messina in north-eastern Sicily, during the 17th century the family moved to Palizzi, a small village on the opposite Calabrian coast in Southern Italy, to take care of their agricultural estates.

It was only towards the end of the 20th century that Francesco Saverio Nesci, professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Reggio Calabria, gave new impulse to the family business expanding the olive and bergamot groves and planting about 10 hectares of south-facing vineyards on the steep hills overlooking the sea at around 250 metres a.s.l around the village of Palizzi. He also built a modern cellar next to the old millstone dated 1898.

The estate is now run by Francesco Saverio and her daughter Alberta; the vineyards of Nerello Mascalese and Nocera, and in small part of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are managed following the principles of the organic farming.

Via Marina, 5, 89038 Palizzi Marina (Reggio Calabria), Italy

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