Antica Valle Francescana

Antica Valle Francescana is located in the town of Bastia Umbra in the province of Perugia, a few kilometres from Assisi in the Umbria region. Antica Valle Francescana has produced liqueurs and spirits of excellent quality for thirty years, combining the ancient Umbrian tradition with high quality ingredients. Their range of hand-made, high quality liqueurs includes a liqueur made with olive leaves and twigs, liquorice, chocolate and coffee flavoured liqueurs, nocino, grappa, fruit flavoured creamy liquors. For their herbal liqueurs (i.e. Franciscan bitter, Franciscan walnut liqueur and Rosolio), they still follow the ancient recipes of the Franciscan friars.

For their Limoncello, Antica Valle Francescana uses only the finest lemons and follows the traditional method of production by peeling the lemons by hand. This ensures that the tiny oil sacs contained in the zest remain intact, giving an intense flavour and a freshness to the Limoncello. The peel is then macerated in 96% pure alcohol and once the requisite amount of flavour has been extracted, it is removed and demineralised sugar syrup is added to the alcohol to lower its strength and balance any bitterness imparted to the alcohol by the peel.

Bastia Umbra - Perugia (ITALY)

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